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Smart equipment for wine and fruit cultivation

More than 25 years’ experience

We have more than 25 years’ experience in the development and production of equipment for viticulture, fruit cultivation and tillage. We therefore offer a wide range of products for use in vineyards, in fruit growing and for tillage.

Until 2010, the freilauber company was known as Lahr Gerätebau. We outgrew our old home in Frei-Laubersheim, Germany and relocated the company’s head office to Flonheim’s industrial park. The new 1000 square metre production and warehouse space now offers enough space for optimal manufacturing.

freilauber is a small, innovative company. Managing director Bruno Brückmann and his team are constantly developing their tried and tested machinery. Features such as, for example, a hydraulic sensor on the de-leafer that detects the wall of foliage are an invaluable aid to the driver. This even works when carrying out the foliage cutting somewhat later than usual, therefore balancing out peaks in workload. The company reacts to winegrowers’ needs, for example when sprayer trailer systems need to have special widths. 

Quality and service

Individual custom-made products are a matter of course. The winemaker receives a sprayer tailored precisely to his or her needs. Sprayers produced by freilauber spray evenly and precisely. Vine trimmers from freilauber are made of high-grade steel, and are sturdy and powerful. The patended de-leafers from freilauber are easy to use and work cleanly and precisely.

A new top cutter offers high cutting quality, and the blades do not become clogged. Thanks to the newly developed ‘tube in a tube’ system, the drive width is narrow, yet it can work in row widths of 1.60m to 2.80m.

The spreaders produced by freilauber ensure even spreading and are suitable for all types of materials that can be sprayed – something that is unique in this product class.

With the Vine trimmer Type DD freilauber offers vineyard operators a machine that boasts tried and tested technology to cope with the most demanding long-term use, and a Pre-trimmer with post detection that can recognise metal, wood and concrete. The machine’s construction is extraordinarily robust and yet at the same time still very light.

Innovations for viticulture and fruit cultivation

A new addition to freilauber’s product family is the cultivator. For a long time now, not only winemakers from the Palatinate or Rheinhessen have been relying on equipment produced by freilauber. We also have customers in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Moldavia and even Canada.

freilauber also offers sturdy, highly advanced machines and equipment for fruit growing and tillage.

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