Fruit tree trimmers

With modular construction and tried and tested technology

The fruit tree trimmers are distinguished by their outstanding modularity. The structure can be rapidly adjusted for different types of stone fruit and pip fruit. The base frame is constructed so that it can absorb very powerful forces. Thanks to its newly designed profile, the cutting unit boasts a light yet stable design. As a result of the specially developed bearings in the cutting tools, it is possible to trim branches of up to 14cm thick.

Primus fruit tree trimmer

The Primus fruit tree trimmer is the largest model. In its standard design, it is fitted with a central cutting unit with eight saw blades, as well as a topping unit with three saw blades. You can therefore achieve cutting lengths of 2.85m with the central cutting unit and 1.1m with the topping unit.

However, upon request it can also be supplied with up to ten saw blades on the central cutting unit (3.55m cutting length), with up to four saw blades on the topping unit (1.45m cutting length) as well as up to three saw blades (1.1m cutting length) on the undercutter.

The width offset is 1m, the vertical lift 1m. The topping unit’s cutting angle is adjusted hydraulically. The undercutter (optional) can be adjusted manually or hydraulically. The height of the topping unit can also be adjusted manually.

What’s more, the topping unit can be hydraulically swivelled backwards for transport purposes. Optional equipment includes a hydraulically adjustable additional cutter and an automatic release device for hail nets.

Also available if required is a hydraulic aggregate with 60 litre pump.


Fruit tree trimmers/Hedge trimmers: general features

All devices are intended for front mounting. The hedge trimmers and fruit tree trimmers feature hydraulic width adjustment, as well as tilt adjustment via a lock valve. The fruit tree trimmers also feature an additional hydraulic vertical lift. All devices are supplied with an appropriate support stand. All devices use saw blades with hard metal cutting discs.





Primus fruit tree cutter

Standard equipment and extras


  • Sturdy GT frame for absorption of great forces and 1000mm lift cylinder in low-maintenance synthetic bearings
  • Tilt cylinder with lock valve
  • Mounting fixture for modular construction
  • Specially developed saw blade mounting for extremely high cutting power in continuous operation
  • High performance belts and ball bearings for high power transmission, therefore resulting in low wear
  • Hard metal saw blades with 400mm diameter, helical teeth and self-cleaning
  • 2 x single-acting control units are required


  • Undercutters in 400mm and 800mm lengths
  • Undercutters hydraulically adjustable
  • Topping units in lengths 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm and 1600mm, hydraulic cutting angle adjustment for lengthening the cutting area, rotary motor for swivelling the topping unit to the rear.
  • Topping units hydraulically adjustable
  • Additional cutter diameter 200mm, hydraulically adjustable lift 200mm
  • Hydraulic aggregate 120 litres Tank with 60 litres Pump and flow divider
  • Hail net function
  • Summer cut blade with up to 30mm branch thickness

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