Mulch Roller Muli

The freilauber Mulch Roller Muli helps you to cultivate the soil without chemicals.

The Muli pushes the tall greenery in the vineyard and the dried plant matter forms an optimal mulch carpet. This reduces the evaporation of water and prevents erosion.

Due to the open design of the roller, it cannot become clogged with

vegetation or soil.

The Muli can be attached in the rear and in the front of the tractor. The roller can either be designed as a rigid construction or its width can be adjusted hydraulically.

In the case of hydraulic width shift, the outer rollers are constructed that they can oscillate. This allows the mulch roller to optimally adapt to the ground.

The knives of the Muli are arranged at an angle and have a curved shape. Thus, the cut is unique and delivers a perfect result.

The knives are made of a special steel and therefore have a long service life. By turning the knives, they can be used a second time.