Sprayer trailer

The sprayer trailer you can depend on

freilauber’s sprayer trailer is reliable, sturdy and the ideal sprayer for wine and fruit cultivation. Thanks to the chassis construction, it is possible to achieve very fast yet at the same time smooth operation in the vineyard. The application stands out thanks to the hydraulically regulated air throughput. You therefore save fuel costs and time and also preserve the environment.

Conclusion – The perfect piece of equipment for wine and fruit cultivation!





freilauber sprayer trailers

Tank size/External width

  • 800 litres/1.20m
  • 1000 litres/1.25m
  • 1200 litres/1.25m
  • 1600 litres/1.28m
  • 2000 litres/1.40m

Standard equipment and extras

  • The pump is fitted to the three-point mounting, meaning that no extended PTO shaft is needed, which means the turning radius is very narrow.
  • Tap boasts electric pressure adjustment and sectional switch-off.
  • Tap for two-substance handling, with electric pressure adjustment and sectional switch-off.
  • Tandem pump for two-substance handling.
  • Compact control unit for complete sprayer trailer control.
  • Tangential blower with swivel nozzles for uniform air distribution over the entire wall of foliage. Air performance is regulated hydraulically.

Standard configuration

  • Galvanised base frame
  • Fan QU 13.5 with swivel nozzles
  • Mix-in device with 3-way valve
  • Fresh water tank
  • Pendulum and roll damper
  • Stainless steel tank with high-grade steel baffle


  • Tandem axle
  • Braked tandem axle
  • Two-substance system
  • Cylinder for three-point system
  • Flow meter
  • Spray computer



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