freilauber vine trimmer Type: Top cutter

For pros who are cost-conscious and work efficiently

The top cutter has two cutters at each side, which feature high-alloyed stainless steel blades. This ensures very high cutting quality, avoids fraying of the foliage and the cutter does not become jammed.

Thanks to the newly developed ‘tube in a tube’ system, an extraordinarily narrow drive width is achieved on the roads. Nevertheless, it can work in row widths of 1.60m to 2.80m.

The low oil requirements of 10 litres and horizontally arranged blades with fixed axle and separate oil motor ensure the greatest stability and a long service life.

This means the top unit is ideally suited for bearing spraying or mulching equipment. You can therefore save time and fuel and also preserve the environment.





Vine trimmer Type Top cutter

Technical data

  • Each side features two cutters with high-alloyed stainless steel blades.
  • The newly developed ‘tube in a tube’ system enables row widths of 1.60m to 2.80m.
  • Low oil requirements of 10 litres.


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